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Living conditions in the present-day world are quite tough. In order to achieve something, you need to take risks, whereas to preserve the results of your activities, you have to protect them. The unprotected property will soon become the object of unwanted interest. However, you can suffer losses not merely from abusive actions, but also due to your own negligence, for example, by taking a decision to save on fire-prevention measures.

If you want not to worry about your property, make sure that it is reliably protected from offences on the part of ill-wishers, as well as from any accidents like a fire or an emergency at production site.

UKRBEZPEKABUD provides the security services for objects of various complexity – from small offices to shopping malls. We perform the design, installation and maintenance of security and fire safety systems.

In particular, they include:

  • exterior and interior video surveillance;
  • access control systems (ACS);
  • security and fire alarm systems;
  • perimeter security systems;
  • fire extinguishing, fire warning and smoke exhaust systems;
  • emergency early detection systems (EEDS).
  • we also provide physical security services.

Fire license of UkrBezpekaBud LLC


License of UkrBezpekaBud LLC, ISO 9001:2009



  1.  To place an order with us, you do not need to examine all the details of installation of various engineering systems, their types and advantages of each particular model. Just call us! Our experts will conduct a comprehensive inspection of your facilities, consider your requirements and offer several options for solving the challenges you face.
  2. You will not have to raise extra funds or worry about the financial issues at all. The wide range of components for each of our systems enables us to offer effective solutions within the budget. Besides, our systems can be installed on a step-by-step basis, by adding units and components whenever possible or necessary.
  3. At each work stage – from design to warranty and post-warranty service – our experienced professionals will provide the support to you, always being ready to answer your questions and give detailed explanations on each item of the estimate or work plan. Our carefully selected team of professionals is our particular pride.
  4. You will be relieved from any paperwork or bureaucratic formalities. Our representatives will take care of getting all necessary authorizations and approvals in the relevant state authorities, up to the commissioning act. You only need to accept the work and receive a full package of duly executed accompanying documents.
  5. You can be sure of the quality of our equipment and services – they are confirmed by international certificates of conformity, state licenses and permits. We can provide all these documents at your request.
  6. We offer to our clients both classic, time-proved security equipment, and the up-to-date developments and technological novelties. The choice is yours!

UKRBEZPEKABUD is a reliable partner for developers, manufacturers and businesses of all kinds. We provide our services on a turnkey basis, with minimal involvement on your part. Call to us and be among the first to know about our best price offers.

UKRBEZPEKABUD – we guarantee your safety!

Our clients and partners

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